Judge Judy Bailiff Was Confused And Dismayed Over Not Being Invited

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Judge Judith Sheindlin returns to the courtroom for her new TV Show, Judy Justice. Judge Judy bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd spoke about his absence from the upcoming reality series based on a courtroom. He has appeared alongside Sheindlin since 1996 for the whole 25 seasons of the first show.

Byrd stated that he deserved to have the opportunity to audition for the role in the new series. He heard about Judy Justice when Judge Judy announced the new show in March 2020. 

Byrd’s Life Aside Judge Judy

Since production wrapped on the final season of Judge Judy in April, Byrd was focused on caring for his wife Makita Bond-Byrd, a longtime producer on the show, as she prepared to undergo brain surgery. She has since completed her third round of chemotherapy, and doctors successfully removed 95% of her tumor.

He stated that he did not have time to think about Judy Justice. It was in July when he called up Judge Judy and asked if he should look for something else or was he included in the Judy Justice project.

She informed him that he was not included in the new project. He did not inquire any further as it was her choice. She added that he was priced out as the new bailiff. His salary would have been too high for the production. He was disappointed and curious as she did not ask him nor gave him an opportunity to accept a lower salary.

He added that the call ended pleasantly even though he felt left out. The Judge Judy bailiff for 25 years, was confused and dismayed as to why he was not given the opportunity to speak if he wanted to stay with the show or leave.

Byrd has since set his sights on other opportunities, including a recent guest spot on The Bold and the Beautiful, in addition to voiceover roles.