One-shot Bosses in Torghast 

You can go pretty crazy with your builds in Torghast. Even though we’re supposed to be getting our power-ups in a random order so that we’d need to keep readjusting our builds throughout the whole run, the not-so-great variety of said power-ups makes builds an easier task. Even in the first couple of rooms, you’re able to make that grand decision that will define your entire run. 

Of course, there are some options that are more viable than the others, but there are also some truly broken combos. Those who pursue the weekly rewards have to make quite a lot of visits to Torghast, so the better you understand what kind of combos are available for your class in the Tower, the smoother and faster your runs will become. 

For instance, a shadow priest could kill Synod – the last boss of the Twisting Corridors in just one cast of their filler ability Mind Flay. It does around 10k damage over 3.5 seconds. And since our Synod is pretty chunky, with over 4M HP, that could take around 400 casts of Mind Flay, right? You’d think so, but in reality, only one cast of this ability will be enough! How can this be possible? Through smart use of in-game mechanics.  

The Secret Combos 

The answer lies in a combo of two anima powers that is beyond broken. One of those power-ups makes you take off 50% of health with one hit, instantly and the other one increases your damage to CC’d enemy by 35%. If you stack 3 of the second power-ups, and you’ll going to one-shot any boss no matter how much health that boss has. The best thing is – these power-ups are generic, which means every class can find them in a run. Why’d we started with the priest? Because this is the last class, you expect to see ending a boss with one shot. 

All you have to do is come across the Frostbite Wand, which you then need to combo with 2 Cruelty Cencers to make this a guaranteed one-shot kill.  

If you want to know about more broken combos for the Tower of the Damned, click that link. Our pro players have been running this activity since the Shadowlands’ PTR days. They know all the little dirty secrets that the developers themselves are still trying to fix to this day. Blizzard wants to make these combos less overpowered and more balanced, but this is just going to kill all the fun. After all, what’s even the point of having such power-ups if you can’t even make a completely broken build, right?