Manchester City Have History On Their Side And A Beast In Their Team To Make Them Title Favourites

Manchester City

Manchester City are only eight points behind the league leaders in the Premier League and they have a beast of a goalscorer in Erling Haaland who is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Pep Guardiola since arriving in the Premier League has taken the league by storm. He has lifted the trophy with Manchester City five times already in his six years of coaching Manchester City. The only time they did not get it, Liverpool did, and they were still in the second position that season. So you can guess how strong of a side Manchester City has been in the Premier League even if they could not perform in the Champions League.

However, this time, things are looking different. Pep Guardiola was seentalking the current league leaders up in their chances of winning the league. In the pre-match press conference before their Thursday match against the Blue side of London, Guardiola said that they has to be almost perfect and hope the gunners from the red side of London drop points.

Pep Guardiola Thinks Manchester City Might Lose The League To Arsenal This Season:

Guardiola said that Arsenal might reach to the hundred-pointer league this season and in that case Manchester City, even with Erling Haaland and his destructive form cannot do anything to stop that.

The Manchester City Coach said that they have to try to reduce the gap and hope that the gunners drop some points to help them.

However, even though being almost perfect will be a little much to ask, especially in a game like football. However, we know that the Pep and his Man City side has done that before, and so with a player like Haaland to help them, they might do that again in this season.