Trump unveils ‘Opening Up America’ plan, aims for May 1

Matthew Dowd
Matthew Dowd

President Trump has always tried to tackle the coronavirus pandemic without shutting down the entire American economy. However, with the bodies piling up, Trump was forced to lock down certain major parts of the state. However, the President of the United States might be trying to reopen the country gradually after May 1st. 

As per the president: “America wants to be open, and Americans want to be open.”

Also, he mentioned that as per data, the government can start Opening up America Again. 

Trump had previously focused on preserving the health of the economy too and he mentioned that a total lockdown will not be a sustainable long-term plan for America. Hence, he has put out a few guidelines for the task force which “will allow governors to take a phased and deliberate approach to reopening their individual states.”

However, Trump has left the decision as to how the governors would like to open up their state to the governors themselves.

He knows that there are certain states that might want to remain closed and the federal government is completely supporting. Similarly, the Trump Administration would also support the decisions of the governors of a few states to open up, if they want, gradually. However, they need to follow the guidelines provided. 

The guidelines have been formulated after a downward trend has been noticed in the COVID-19 cases. On the basis of these guidelines, bars, restaurants, workplaces, theatres, and even sporting centers can be opened up.

It’s a ray of hope, though it is necessary that the system being set up is proper and not premature.