Pamela Anderson Reveals Being Bullied Into “Free Cameo” In 2017 “Baywatch”

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson claimed in a recent interview that the casting behind the Baywatch movie back in 2017 initially wanted the actress to do her cameo without any charges. The actress whom we noticed making a splashing entrance as character C.J. Parker from the original series that dates back to 1989. The actress told Variety about the producers continuously calling upon her to participate in their projects.

Pamela Anderson Finally Opens Up About Her Career Abuse 

Pamela Anderson added that it was starting to become really awful. The team would keep asking her said to do her bit as a little favor. The 55-year-old gave a smacking reply to that by stating that she does favors for poor animals and not when it comes to Paramount. She opened up about her continuous harassment in the industry along with bullying. She continued how ungrateful it was of them to ask for her casting as a homage. She was quite dumbfounded at the relay of events but later agreed on doing a shot in exchange for no dialogue whatsoever. She said she just didn’t want to bring more trouble for herself, so she went along.

The request for comments on the incident from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by a Paramount spokeswoman. Anderson also admitted on Variety that in the meanwhile she also struggled with Prime Video acquiring the rights to the television series “Baywatch”. The creators of the show simply made a huge fortune while she lacked representation at the time. or the expertise. The entertainer Pamela Anderson states that people kind of give their life away when it comes to an agreement with such TV programs as there’s no reliability to their reviews. 

In the Seth Gordon-helmed Baywatch film from 2017, Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas appeared. Although she has no lines, Anderson appears in slow motion during the ending sequence and is announced to be the new team captain.

Johnson foreshadowed the appearance in 2016 by posting an Instagram picture of himself alongside Anderson captioning that she created the character “CJ Parker” making her renowned to the world as one of the most memorable roles of its generation as one of the topmost television bits of that time. It’s a joy to welcome Pamela Anderson into the #BAYWATCH cast, who is as stunning as ever. And without her, the cast would have fallen behind in the shooting of this movie. The comment ends with saying Welcome back and quite glad to have you back with us.

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