Parler Halts Intent Of Sale To Kanye West: The Parent Company Announced That Recently

Parler sues Amazon for removing the app from its servers

Even though Parler claimed it severed ties with rapper Kanye West in Nov, the announcement came just hours before he made a barrage of antisemitic remarks endorsing Nazis.

As per an announcement released on Thursday by Parlement Technology, the parent organization of Parler, a social media network favored by conservatives, has decided to renounce its plan to sell the network to musician Ye, best known as Kanye West.

Parler said that they will keep going in the future for forthcoming opportunities for evolution and growth of the platform.

Although Parler claimed to have severed its relationship with Ye in middle of Nov, the announcement came just hours following Ye made a series of antisemitic remarks endorsing Nazis and claiming to see “positive qualities” in Hitler.

Kanye While speaking in the interview with an right extremist, Alex Jones said that people always has something of worth that they are interested to bring on the table, like Hitler.

Parler Prevented Their Sale To Kanye Since His Antisemitic Comments:

He said he don’t want to say Nazis are evil, given all his love for Jewish people, he thinks Nazis were loveable too.

When it came to denouncing the past president Trump’s choice to eat dinner with Ye as well as the white nationalist Fuentes so over weekend, some Repub politicians reacted quickly while others took their time.

Several missteps have been made in Ye’s attempt to acquire the site, including mistakenly disclosing the contact details of hundreds of alleged “VIP” users.

The website has tried to attract right-leaning commentators and present itself as a place for free expression, but it has had trouble keeping a sizable user base engaged.