The Masked Singer Is Melissa Joan’s “Redo” for Her New Show “DWS”

Melissa Joan
Melissa Joan Hart

The lamp is adored by The Masked Singer. Melissa Joan revealed herself as Lamp on this  Wednesday’s edition of the game show after performing the songs “Venus” by Bananarama and “Rocket Man” by Elton John. The 46-year-old “Drive Me Crazy” star said that she thought about singing “my greatest nightmare” before appearing on the program.

This was only the around second time Hart has ever performed live music before a live audience. She further added that she felt extremely anxious and the mask was the only thing that allowed her to pull the performance off. It apparently provided her with enough anonymity to work swiftly and efficiently without letting people realize who she was.

A mother to three children, 17-year-old Mason, 15-year-old Braden, and 10-year-old Tucker, she said the performance seemed like overcoming her anxiety despite being evicted.

Melissa Joan Speaks About Her Life, Work, And Children 

Nothing makes her happier than getting over a phobia, the actress, Melissa Joan, claimed that this performance forced her into a challenging situation that she had never truly experienced before and it felt great. She also stated that it was something her husband had pushed her to do, for which was thankful. 

When asked if her kids knew about her being on the show, she revealed that one of her sons found out about it and was very excited regarding her performance, so much o that he had been keeping track of all the episodes and studying up on how it worked. Melissa Joan then opened up about her experience as the Masked Singer, saying that before going on the show, she called some of her peers asking for help or tips and they were all very supportive.

She further spoke about the costume and although it was wonderful, it restricted her movement. Melissa Joan, through the course of the interview, also spoke about her most popular roles on the screen, and growing up in the spotlight as well as her future plans regarding her career and parenting.