Erstwhile President, Trump Has Offered A Dark Vision: Voters Already Rejecting His 2024 Campaign

Donald Trump

It is the 3rd round of American Carnage. Former American President Trump dragged his fellow countrymen in his dystopian campaign of American failing as a nation. Trump’s dystopian worldview of crime-ridden American cities that are turning into a pool of blood, while getting swamped with immigrants however, is not pleasing for the countrymen at all.

However, the former president has been adding a new scary twist while the world is going under a global tension as Trump claims that the country is on the edge of indulging into a nuclear war.

The erstwhile president has recently launched bid for his third consecutive presidential nomination for the republicans where he has painted a picture of his very own one term which was not very pleasing for the compatriots with a destruction of democracy along with a poorly managed pandemic. However, Trump being himself has said that it has been a golden age for the United States.

Trump Launched His Third Consecutive Presidential Nomination: Countrymen Already Rejecting His Views:

It might be safe to say that the promised new version of the ex-president for his 2024 presidential campaign has only brought the same old Donald Trump.

He hammered home a statement of American downturn, drew attention to the nation’s skyrocketing inflation, attacked President Biden as being old, frail, and mistreated by the US’s adversaries, and emphasised his own cordial relationships with world leaders like Kim Jong Un who work to undermine American power.

The erstwhile real estate mogul, reality tv star, turned politician/president underscored the difficulties his campaign creates for both his own organization as well as the rest of the nation when Trump announced a new “quest to preserve our country.”

However, the people of the country were not impressed by any of his promises and are already rejecting him even before 2024.