What People Should Do If Their Stimulus Check Is Stolen, Destroyed, or Lost?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There can be instances where the third stimulus check of some people can get lost or be destroyed. If some issue happens to the stimulus check, people should approach the IRS as they will trace the payment. 

Procedure Of Getting Back The Lost Stimulus Check

It is true that an individual will be mad if he loses his newly ordered sweater from Amazon, but he will be furious if he loses his $1,400 stimulus check because of the carelessness of the post office. Even in some circumstances, banks registered for stimulus checks failed to deliver the direct deposit of individuals. Thankfully, the IRS has a proper procedure to aid the people. 

In case of such an unfortunate event, the IRS will trace the status of the check and will show whether it has been cashed or any misdirection happened with the direct deposit check. Thus, if the fault is identified, then a new stimulus check will be issued as soon as possible.

However, the time taken for re-issuing the whole thing is long. The initiation process itself takes time and the money will not be delivered instantly. Moreover, just like any other Governmental procedure, there are a lot of steps. In case an individual misses any of them, they would have to face several complications. 

The first simple step is to use the tool called ‘Get My Payment’ which shows every eligible individual whether their payment has been issued or not. In case the tool shows direct deposit medium, one should verify with the bank going for tracing of payment. In normal circumstances, people should wait for five days before starting the procedure. 

There are two ways in which the tracing can be conducted, the first one is by calling the IRS and the second one is by mailing or sending a fax of 3911 form to the department of IRS. The response generally comes after six weeks. If the stimulus check sent was lost or destroyed and not cashed, then they will be sent a new one. Lastly, if the check was cashed the matter will be looked at by the Bureau of the Fiscal Services before approving a new one.