Patriots’ Game Against The Buffalo Bills Will Decide Their Postseason Outlook


Heading into Week 16, the New England Patriots will play against the Bills. If the NE Patriots had won the game they would have a shot at winning back the championship title. They would also have had the chance to bag the No 4 seed position. They would then have a chance at securing home-field playoffs and a first-round bye. Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, would be in a very awkward position to jockey for a wild card place.

Unfortunately, they were unable to defeat the Buffalo Bills. In the first match, the Patriots won 14-10. The team was defeated by the Buffalo Bills with 21-33. The Bills had dominated the game right from the beginning. The Buffalo Bills have overtaken the Patriots in the AFC rankings.

What Does The Patriots’ Defeat Mean? 

The odds of the Patriots winning the AFC East would have been 99% if they had won. Due to their loss, they only have an 11% chance. 

The team currently has the lowest record 3-2. The Buffalo Bills have 4-1. The New England Patriots will host the Jaguars 2-13 next Sunday. This Sunday, they will visit the Miami Dolphins 7-7. 

The Buffalo Bills will go up against Atlanta Falcons 7-8 and NY Jets 4-11 at home. Predictions suggest that the Bills will win both games and finish the season with 11-6. Even if the New England Patriots win both the matches, it will still not be enough to overtake the Bills.