Pau Gasol To Join Brother Marc In L.A. Lakers Reunion

Pau Gasol
Pau Gasol

Gasol is currently working towards his NBA comeback while earning a spot on the Olympic team of Spain in Tokyo. Pau Gasol is an NBA champion two times and an All-Star champion six times. The 40-year-old has identified the Lakers as his favorite dream destination. According to Pau Gasol who has won titles there in 2010 and 2009 alongside Bryant, he has history and meaning there.

The reunion would be special and it will be more special with his brother there. However, Gasol cannot be very demanding about it as he doesn’t have ten offers for him.

Reason Pau Gasol Has Been Out For So Long

Gasol hasn’t appeared since 2019 March in a single game and since then he has undergone surgeries for repairing navicular bone stress fractures in the left foot. Doctors identified these fractures first in 2018 fall when Pau Gasol was in his 3rd season playing for Antonio Spurs.

Gasol would prefer some conditioning before he engages in talks with other NBA teams. He is training currently and living with his daughter and Catherine McDonnell, his wife. He stated that he wants to contribute to the team he goes to and not just be in that team doing nothing.

The Laker’s interest in him at this point remains unclear. Gasol has played 2-on-2 matches with local players like an NBA team employee and former player of Stanford. However, he has not been a part of any 5-on-5 games after undergoing surgery. Gasol has also been serious about his workout partners regarding wearing masks and getting coronavirus testing weekly. He also asks them to wear masks, get protective measures, and to do social distancing.

Once Pau Gasol retires, he would like to work in an NBA team in any capacity. He would love to be in an NBA roster at one point in time which doesn’t seem so distant now.

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