SDC Stock Demoted To A Rating Of ‘Sell’, After Negative Equity Returns


Research analysts of BidaskClub have demoted the rating of SmileDirectClub (SDC) from a ‘hold’ rating to ‘sell in the stock market.

The company hit $11.26 on Tuesday which increased by $0.39 and has a market cap at $4.35B. The volume of trading shares is 143,206 as compared to the average of 8,045,669 shares. The current, quick, and debt-t-equity quotient are 3.33, 3.19, and 1.31, respectively. The lowest in 12 months is $3.64 and the highest is $15.54. Their simple average 50-day moving is at $10.69 and 200-day is at $9.49.

SDC has last released the quarterly earnings report on 16th November which showed earnings of $0.11 EPS, surpassing the $0.15 estimate. The company incurred a negative equity return of 37.67% along with a negative total margin being 25.06%.

Transactions Of SDC Stock

Wolfe Research lifted the target price of SDC shares to $16 with a rating of ‘outperform’. Guggenheim reinstated the rating of ‘buy’ with a target price of $10 while Stifel Nicolaus boosted it to $14 from $11 with a rating of ‘buy’. Zacks raised it to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘sell’. ValuEngine demoted it to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘buy’. The consensus has given a rating of ‘hold’ with a price target being $11.08.

Cd&R Co. sold off 10,000,000 shares at $11.50EPS worth $115,000,000. Insiders possess 66.04% in SDC stock.

Morgan Stanley recently purchased 1,007,685 shares totalling 1,289,976 shares valued at $6,024,000. State Corp added shares valued at $174,000 while Janney LLC added $140,000 stock. Cambridge Advisors increased 17.1% holdings in Q2 by purchasing 2,725 shares totaling 18,686 worth $148,000. Zurcher Cantonalbank bought shares valued at $91,000 in Q2. Institutional investors and hedge funds possess 17.73% in the entire SDC stock.