Paul George Agrees Extension To Add $190M To Clippers Contract

Paul George
Paul George

Paul George, All-Star Forward for 6 times has signed with LA Clippers for a contract extension which guarantees him $226 million for five years, according to Aaron Mintz, CCA Sports, agent of Paul George. George’s contract is being extended for an extra four years. It will cost the Clippers $190 million-plus the $35.4M that was guaranteed to him in the season of 2020-21.

The contract for George was running out in the season of 2020-21. The current contract will get replaced with an extension of four years that binds the player till the 2024-25 season. The numbers in his contract will get affected by a low revenue of the NBA due to losses of the league. George will be eligible for 35% of his team’s overall salary.

Clipper’s Expectations From Paul George 

Paul George said in Thursday’s news conference that he owes this organization a trophy. They are trying to capture this window. His job and commitment are to bring something extra to the table. This contract is connected with the $137 million four-year contracts that he signed for the Oklahoma Thunder back in 2018.

In short, George has turned this Thunder’s contract into a deal of $290 million for seven years. The extension has solidified one of Clipper’s cornerstone players to stay for the lengthy-term. It is a priority of this franchise after giving many draft picks and players to Oklahoma Thunders for acquiring George in 2019. Paul’s addition is like a catalyst towards Kawhi Leonard for committing to the Clippers.

In ten NBA seasons playing for Clippers, Thunders, and Indiana Pacers, George has an average of 20.0 points,3.4 assists,1.7 steals, and 6.4 rebounds per game. When asked about his mentality, he replied that this season would not be about proving a point but about being focused and exploding on the pitch.

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