Sunisa Lee Makes Hmong Americans Proud

Sunisa Lee
Sunisa Lee

Sunisa Lee won the gold medal in the Olympics recently. She achieved the feat by competing in the finals of the women’s gymnastics. Her triumph did not only celebrate her brilliance. It also meant something larger. Lee’s win meant a new ray of hope for the oppressed natives of the Hmong. The whole natives of the Hmong erupted in joy as soon as Lee won the gold. 

Sunisa Lee Wins Olympic Gold

It was a dream come true for Lee’s family. Friends and relatives of Lee we’re glued to the television set on Friday. As soon as the name of Sunisa Lee was announced they broke in loud cheers. This win meant a lot. Not only to the family of the gymnast but also to her tribe.

Lee belonged to a small native of Hmong in the United States. This was commonly a refugee community. Reports suggest that the Hmong people are looked down upon by the traditional Americans. Their accomplishments and troubles have always been hidden from the world. 

This win for Sunisa means a lot to the Hmong. They portray the feat as the Hmong community’s stamp of authority over the world. The people believed that America was their only country. Hmongs love to call America their ” Home”. 

Sunisa Lee belongs to the community which has a population of only 66000. According to the stories, the community sought shelter in the USA almost 50years ago. Their tales of bravery, triumph, and hardship have been overshadowed. The more accomplished and powerful Americans did not let them rise.

Sunisa Lee’s achievement gives hope to the community. It gives a certain belief to everyone. With willpower and determination, anything can be achieved. The US government is accused of being ignorant towards the community. Lee sets an example for all her people how to excel amidst the ruins.