Paul Mitchell Resigns Republican Party After Fraudulent Claims By Trump

Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell, Michigan Rep, who is about to retire, has made an announcement on Monday that he is quitting Republican Party. He is going to be an independent political figure from now onwards.

The reason for his disaffiliation is the claims of fraud and manipulation made by Donald Trump after the results of the US presidential election.

Disaffiliation By Paul Mitchell

On Monday, during an interview, Paul Mitchell stated that he felt sure about disaffiliation from the Republican Party due to the reason that he can no longer relate with the views expressed after the election by the party members.

Mitchell also revealed that he had cast his vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and has been a conservative as he voted for the Republicans for almost 95% of the elections. However, he believed that Republicans represented Democracy and supported the Constitution over political motives and immoral power games.

He further added his disgust over the power games being played during this 2020 election. He agreed that losing did hurt, but also confirmed that if he was in denial then he does not deserve to be a leader of the nation.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the electors gathered to make a formal announcement to appoint Joe Biden, Democratic nominee, as President-elect of the US.

Paul Mitchell has been concerned about the policies of the Republicans for the past few months since he is first a political leader and considers his principles to be very dear to him. As a result, he chooses to express his criticisms before his retirement.

This decision by Paul Mitchell is the second after Justin Amash, another Michigan Rep., who also disassociated from the Republicans and has become a Libertarian.

Mitchell has informed the leaders of the GOP through a letter mentioning the withdrawal from Republican Party at the state and national level.