Paul Rudd’s New Avatar For The Upcoming Series

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd, the Hollywood actor, has caused a frenzy in the media by his looks. He had recently been photographed on the sets of his upcoming project in Los Angeles. The photos were taken this Thursday. And as per the pictures, in no way does he look like a 52-year old father.

Paul Rudd In The Shrink Next Door

The star from “Ant-Man” is currently filming for another of his projects, The Shrink Next Door. The actor was seen in grey hair and greying beard for the salt-and-pepper kind of look. The outfit worn by the actor was a simple suit and a pair of glasses. In addition to this, Paul Rudd was following all the protocols of the coronavirus on the set. He was using one of the transparent face shields. 

The character that he is playing in The Shrink, is Dr. Isaac. The other artists in the movie include the two popular comedians, Kathryn Hahn and Will Ferrell. The two actors, Paul Rudd, and Will are reuniting again for this upcoming tv series. The show is based on one of the podcasts from 2019 having a similar name.  It is to be noted that this information has been given by sources. The show is about Ike, played by Paul Rudd, and the weird relationship he has with Martin Markowitz, his patient. The role of Martin is carried out by Will. 

The tv series will be a total of eight episodes. As per sources, it will be making its debut on the platform, Apple TV Plus. It has also been revealed that the creative team behind the series is filled with stars like the cast of the series. The director of the show is Michael Showalter and the responsibility of show running and writing is carried out by Georgia Pritchett.