Stimulus Check 2022: Gov Tom Wolf Pushing For $2000 Direct Payment

Stimulus Check

Governor Tom Wolf recently submitted a $1.7 billion budget that includes a $2,000 cash payment to many Pennsylvanians. The status of Pennsylvania’s stimulus check program is as follows.

“Pennsylvanians should not have to pick between food and energy, daycare and fuel,” says the governor. In a statement, Wolf added, “We have the capability and the means to guarantee they don’t suffer, to assure their success.” They need to get the money out of state coffers and into Pennsylvanians’ hands. “

A New Stimulus Check Package Could Be Approved By Lawmakers

To support the initiative, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate introduced House Bill 2531 and Senate Bill 1204, respectively.

According to Newsweek, Wolf stated, “Prices have risen across the board, making things difficult right now.

Wolf added, “Times are terrible at the moment since expenditures have increased related to everything from gas to food.” “I’ve come to look at other options.” “While I prefer long-term measures to benefit working families, such as raising the minimum wage, I am also suggesting a short-term measure to assist Pennsylvanians in getting back on their feet.”

Pennsylvanians earning $80,000 or less would receive $2,000 in direct subsidies under the plan, according to projections. As a result, Pennsylvania is said to have gotten $2 billion in ARPA funding from the federal government. The monies will be returned to the federal government if they are not used by December 31, 2024. In an email, Rementer added, “The governor has made it plain that Pennsylvanians need and deserve this direct support.” “Rather than pursuing legislation and providing assistance to Pennsylvanians in need, Republicans are letting this money sit in bank accounts.”

The White House is pushing for additional stimulus checks, but the money is being squandered thanks to Pennsylvania Republicans.

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