Things Heard and Seen Fails At Being A Haunting Ghost Story

things heard and seen

The latest ghost movie from the house of Netflix is named “Things Heard and Seen”. It centers around Amanda Seyfried’s character who is having a mental breakdown due to a combination of a toxic marriage and a paranormal entity. However, the combination of drama and horror has largely been perceived as inert.

Ghostly “Things Heard and Seen” Fails To Horrify

George Claire, who is the main character’s husband, is another character for the long list of bad husbands in movies. As such, the character has both the looks and entitlement to accompany it. He hustles his wife and daughter to a quaint tucked-away farmhouse. The move to leave New York is apparently because of his new job. Mysteriously, however, whoever happens to be disliked by him ends up disappearing or comatose. The only question is how evil is his character.

A film about a house that is haunted, “Things Heard and Seen” is the genre’s odd inflection. The intrusive phantoms possibly have their plans and there are worse fates than death. The new home holds Catherine hostage. Her already weak mental state is worsened by ghostly visions and hallucinations. However, the film points out that her terrorizing marriage is much worse.

“Things Heard and Seen” is an adaptation of the novel “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage. However, the pedigree of Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman overcooks the clever novelty in the original story, if there was any.

Reviews have noted it down as being far too predictive, as far as the film-making and the plot goes. Reviews have been primarily negative as well pointing out that sub-plots fail to be anything more than distractions. Catherine’s investigations, however, are used to depict a rather interesting ending scene where the different planes are more permeable than we think.