All The Details Of UFC Stock Since Debuting In Market

T. J. Dillashaw
T. J. Dillashaw

Endeavor is a media giant that houses the art of mixed martial and conducts the juggernaut UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). It is also the home to WME which is the talent agency of Hollywood as well as to IMG, the fashion company, and sports.

Endeavor has successfully managed to surge a massive 12% soon after debuting on Thursday on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

UFC stock opened their trading at an EPS of $24 and soon jumped to a $26.96 high. On their 1st day at the stock market, UFC stock ended at $25.20, indicating an approximate 5% increase per share.

Impressive Debut Of UFC Stock

Endeavor had priced their IPO for $24 with a valuation of $10.6 billion just a night prior with a $511 million raising goal increased to over $550 million. Investors showed huge interest in UFC stock as it is soon going public. However, investors must keep important things in mind.

UFC is an Endeavor Group subsidiary that was acquired in 2016. The company will go public with the help of an IPO. After going public, they will trade with the stock ticker of EDR that will help them trade on the NYSE.

This upcoming IPO has grabbed the interest of investors but they can do so only by getting a stake in the Endeavor Group. The firm is set to begin trading via IPO from 29th April. The company will put $21.3 million up to as shares.

Underwriters also have the option to buy additional shares of 3,195,000 within 30 days after offering. The company is also aiming to raise $587.88 million through IPO. Along with UFC, Endeavor also covers various entertainment segments.

The firm also brought many talents including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin.

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