Pete Carroll Could Return In 2022: Thinks Seahawks Doesn’t Need To Reconstruct Despite Setbacks

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll

The Seahawks are staring at their 1st losing season after 2011, and it will be the last season for Russell Wilson with the franchise. The team performance has been disastrous this season right from the beginning.

Despite the plunge in the form in NFC West, Peter Carroll does not feel that they need to dismantle the team and rebuild from scratch. He says that restarting the whole thing is something that he has never considered. He says that the team doesn’t need a new approach or a new philosophy.

Pete Carroll believes that the essence is always there. All the team needs are for someone to improve their strengths, and progress from there. He said that there was no time for stagnating, but the foundation is already there.

The contentious issue of R Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll is yet to be addressed. While Wilson hadn’t asked to be traded the previous off-season, he did list teams where he was willing to go if the Seahawks offered him a deal. The possibility of moving is still there in 2022 if the Seahawks roster is not to his taste.

Despite An Illustrious Record Under Pete Carroll, A Perceptible Decline Noticeable In Recent Years

Wilson’s move could partially be linked to Pete Carroll. He is 70 and has been the head coach at the franchise for a dozen seasons. The Seahawks stand at 117-73-1 with him at the helm. They have won 5 NFC West championships, plus Super Bowl 48. The Seattle team has made it to the playoffs 9 times under Pete Carroll. But a decline in performance has been perceptible in recent times.

There is a need to rearrange and overhaul the team if they are to turn around to being a championship contender. His comments indicate that he is planning to stay back for at least another season.

Wilson is very much in Carroll’s plans, and he believes that he is vital to the Seahawks returning to their winning ways.

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