Pete Davidson Gives Us An Update On His New Yatch

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson claims that the $280,100 Staten Island ferry he and his former “Saturday Night Live” co-star Colin Jost purchased has put him “in the hole” financially.

The duo acquired the abandoned Staten Island ferry through an auction, according to Ben Gilbert of Insider last year. On an episode of Seth Meyers’ radio show, “Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers,” when asked about the ferry, Pete Davidson said to himself, “That was real?”

So, we recently completed all of the plans, and we had them create a few of those computer-generated, “show you what it could be” types of things. Now, we’re reaching out to a select group of individuals, he continued. And while everything appears to be going well, it is still some years off.

Pete Davidson Is Super Happy With His Yatch Purchase

Shepherd is not a recognized lawmaker, and she declined a request for a remark on this article. He was a former state legislator and attorney who was permanently prohibited after being found guilty of money laundering. A two-thirds majority is required in the Louisiana Senate to suspend some floor processes, but neither the bylaws nor the constitution of the Democratic State Central Committee has a similar clause.  The comic said that Jost was attempting to get him to treat the business idea seriously.

When questioned about the boat earlier this month by Entertainment Tonight, Davidson said that he had “no clue of what was going on with that thing.” It is, too! I just clicked on a link and sent a deposit; I had no idea. Now I’m stuck with a boat. Dude, it’s extremely funny. The ferry, which was previously known as the John F. Kennedy, was ironically dubbed Titanic 2 when Davidson and Jost acquired it, according to Davidson.

“Colin had that notion. Because I missed the call, I can’t claim complete credit for it, the “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” actor said. “Colin is on every call, and when he phones me after, he’ll say, ‘Yeah, it’s all good. It is known as Titanic 2. Okay, I’ll speak with you later.”

Pete Davidson remarked that he thinks it humorous that the boat could end up being a “lifelong problem for me and Colin.”