Andre Drummond Finally Comments On His Trade From Sixers

andre drummond
andre drummond

There is a nail-biting tournament coming up between the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers this Thursday. This intense match will be mostly focused on the fact that Ben Simmons is making his return. Though he might not play in this particular game, still can be present in the arena which is the Wells Fargo Centre. 

The 76ers have to make a plan on how to focus on the game as the atmosphere of the stadium would be charged up because of the Simmon situation. Other players like Andre Drummond and Seth Curry have also returned to Brooklyn Nets along with Ben Simmons. Andre Drummond has played almost 49 games being a Sixer and he is overwhelmed with his journey in Philadelphia. 

Andre Drummond Shared About His Experience In 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have bought Andre Drummond with a minimum deal and helped him to lift up his career again. While he was a part of the Sixers, Joel Embiid used to play in front of him and now in the Nets has the role of a starter. 

Andre Drummond stated that he has thoroughly enjoyed his time while he was a part of the Philadelphia. Though the situation was a bit unique for him, the fans of Sixers had embraced him with open hearts. Andre Drummond also added that he loves Philadelphia and appreciates all the things that he received from the team. He misses all his teammates terribly but he is actually a member of Net now. 

Andre Drummond was practicing at the facility of the team which is in Camden while he was traded in the Nets. Though this decision was very sudden and he was shocked by it, still he understood the business and accepted it. He stated that he has made a lot of genuine relationships with players of Sixers and though he is now with a new team, those relationships will last forever. 

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