Mila Kunis Shares Why She Said No To Super Bowl Commercials Before

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis who recently teamed up with husband Ashton Kutcher for a Super Bowl commercial, shares why she did not take the project before.

Super Bowl is famous for its commercials and Mila Kunis had been given several offers to play a part in the projects but Kunis reveals that every advertisement wanted ‘scantily clad’ women. Kunis shared that she did not want to take part in those commercials as they demanded nudity.

Mila Kunis Takes Part In The Recent Commercial 

Kunis has recently collaborated with Ashton Kutcher in the recent commercial for Super Bowl. The advertisement is said to be a hilarious one in which the couple enjoyed working together.

Kunis said in her Entertainment Tonight interview that after the promotion of Kunis’ latest work in ‘Breaking News in Yuba County’, both she and Kutcher agreed on working together on a project. When the offer for the commercial of Super Bowl with Cheetos arrived, both of them found the script to be funny and enjoyable.

Though she declared that she never agreed on working on a Super Bowl commercial for their demand of wearing revealing clothes, Kunis found the recent project interesting to work on. She further revealed that the covid-19 pandemic also played a part in their decision to work together. She said staying with the kids all the time at their home during the pandemic had become quite tiresome for the couple when they decided to collaborate on some project.

The commercial gave them a chance to go out of their home and enjoy the work together. Mila Kunis added that the work was like a short break from their long home life which they really craved during the lockdown period.

While Kunis got support from fans on her decision to reject the previous offers for a valid reason, the newest humorous Super Bowl advertisement is something everyone is eager to watch.