Kaley Cuoco’s Sarcasm Portrayed Through Her Remarks On Pete’s Fashion Sense

kaley cuoco
kaley cuoco

In his new film, Pete Davidson is not the only comic. At the Tuesday premiere of the Peacock film, Kaley Cuoco, Davidson’s Meet Cute co-actor could not help but make fun of the Saturday Night’s live veteran for his most casual attire.

While Davidson, aged 28, appeared to be dressed to take part in an altogether different occasion in his simple white hoodie, shoes, and green sweatpants, 36-year-old Kaley Cuoco looked stunning on the red carpet in a shimmering Dolce and a dress that comprised of a Gabbana Blazer.

Kaley Cuoco Is Delighted On Witnessing Davidson’s Style

As Pete surprised everyone by getting dressed up for the event, and Cuoco jokingly stated that she was really glad that he did to Entertainment Tonight, she apparently is very delighted,  before aiming the same remark squarely at her co-star. 

The celebrated performer adopted an embarrassed stance as the “Flight Attendant” actor replied, “I’m really delighted you dressed up today.” Even though the “King of Staten Island” recently dated fashion icon Kim Kardashian and has modeled for labels like Alexander Wang and H&M, he has mostly kept his distinctive “scumbro” look throughout the years.

As he has dressed up for a few notable occasions, like the Met Gala along with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2022, each of the eminent events he showed up with his ex-girlfriend, and he is generally shown in extremely casual attire.

While Pete Davidson never went through a dramatic, Hollywood-worthy makeover while working in the company of Skims entrepreneur, his wardrobe did; his humongous collection of sweatshirts and hoodies are now neatly arranged in rows according to hue. It is evidently probable that he dug one right out of his closet just for this prominent event.

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