Phil Mickelson, 50, Wins PGA Championship 2021

phil mickelson
Phil Mickelson

The competition at Kiawah Island was fierce and fun. Phil Mickelson has come out on top for this year. At 50, he is also the oldest golfer to become the champion of a major. He made certain that age is not a factor that reduces his love for the game.

Age Is Just A Number For Phil Mickelson

To become great in the sport, one must have a love for every aspect of the game, be it the banter or the competition. However, usually, it fades away as one grows older. Phil Mickelson, also called “Lefty”, is a unique case keeping that in mind. On Sunday, he left his mark in the history books of golf by winning the PGA Championship.

Phil Mickelson might be 50 but his attitude does not get dominated by the younger colleagues. He happily competes with golfers in their 20s and then relishes the victories. Then he makes sure the world knows about it. Moreover, he never gave up in the fight against the clock. Instead, he fought and stayed relevant.

Phil Mickelson became the first golfer who is at least 50 to claim one of the grandest prizes in golf. Needless to say, almost no one expected this outcome at the end of Kiawah Island. Rickie Fowler, a frequent companion and eighteen years younger, was one of those present amazed at the feat.

He said that Phil is just as much of a golf nerd as Tiger Woods. He recounted how a few days back they were talking, and Phil just kept playing golf. He said that this feat is special and no one knows if the record will ever be broken again.

Mickelson went past Julius Boros who was the former oldest golfer to win a major. Julius was 48 in 1968 when the record was made.