Phil Mickelson’s Absence Looms Over PGA Championship

phil mickelson
Phil Mickelson

The PGA Tour Championship will be without a major presence without Phil Mickelson. This week, one year right after his unlikely victory at Kiawah could have been a celebratory one and many more throughout his career.

It’s hard to feel anything except relief at how far the most adored golfer after Palmer had fallen. Seeing his reputation and public image burn from afar has been bad, but being in the middle of the fire would be far worse.

If Mickelson had shown up to Southern Hills, that’s precisely what would have occurred.

The PGA Circuit is virtually set to reject waiver petitions for the next Saudi-backed tour tournament, which is due on Tuesday. The unofficial biography “Phil,” written by veteran golf journalist Alan Shipnuck, will also be published on that day, revealing a version of the 6 major winner’s personalities that has hitherto been hidden from the public eye.

None Of This Will Show Phil Mickelson In A Good Way

Neither will provide a flattering picture of Phil Mickelson, and he won’t be able to sidestep tough questions if and when he reappears. He needs as much time as possible to distance himself from the news that destroys the Man of the People image he has painstakingly cultivated over the years.

Mind you, it’s a distance that can’t be measured in days or weeks, but in months and world championships. Already he had to skip the Masters, and now he won’t even be able to watch the PGA. Similarly astute golfers would expect, Mickelson would skip the British and U.S. Opens as well.

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