Phillies Continue Their Struggle To Defend Resulting Losing To Dodgers


Although the Phillies had many shortcomings, their recent winning streak of eight games made the issues take a backseat. However, once the defending champions of the World Series came to play as opponents, the game of the Phillies required to be taken a step ahead.

During the initial two matches in the series, the Phillies fell short of the L.A. Dodgers by quite some margin. The poor portrayal of the performances by the team on the defensive end has resulted in them not having a chance to make the series even.

A fielding error made by Alec Bohm proved costly because had it been executed correctly, it would have ended the innings. It is still unclear whether Realmuto would be going for the concussion IL, or whether Rhys Hoskins would be returning within a week after the injury to his groin is uncertain. Players like Knapp and Bohm have to take ahead a step because of the absence of the key players amidst the tough series of games being faced by the team.

Phillies Performance In The Match Against Dodgers

Although the Phillies had some grace because of their winning streak of eight games, it would not take long to fade out if they cannot perform well against difficult opponents of MLB with an example of the Dodgers. Phillies experienced a frustrating sequence when Bellinger fouled six pitches back to back before hitting off a long shot. With 5 at-bats, the number of pitches encountered by Bellinger was 37.

A greater mistake was done by Gibson when he had the pitcher from the other side, Price, with two outs. Rather than reducing and controlling the impact, Price spiked it up to a double giving the Dodgers a lead by 3-0. The Phillies did respond after a half-inning with some of their inherent magic. A double by Didi Gregorius gave Torreyes an opportunity to add two runs using a single, and the player seized the opportunity.