The Spokesperson For Wendy Williams Denies That She Is Hospitalized Due To Health Reasons

Wendy Williams

Despite a rumor indicating that Wendy Williams visited a hospital two times in the last two weeks in NYC, she is not currently there. Shawn Zanotti, the former host’s publicist confirmed that Williams was not in a hospital as it had previously been reported. He also confirmed that she was not in NYC either.

Wendy Williams was allegedly taken to a hospital the previous weekend where she had briefly been released from and had to be admitted again immediately after, as per a source’s information.

No Confirmed Update On Wendy Williams’ Whereabouts Amid Controversy Surrounding Her Show

Furthermore, a different insider claimed that the family of the ex-radio DJ knew of her news of hospitalization but confirmed that she wasn’t in a mental institution. Williams’ precise whereabouts are unknown, even though it has been stated that she was not in an NYC facility at present.

The problematic talk show personality raised eyebrows at the beginning of this week when she abruptly canceled a scheduled appearance at the Atlanta Women’s Expo. No explanation for the episode’s cancellation was offered. A representative for the Women’s Expo, however, had stated that a clip of Wendy Williams “apologizing” would be shown at the occasion. Before pulling out, it was said that the author of “Wendy Williams Experience” would have received $25K for the engagement of two days.

Wendy Williams’ eponymic talk show was canceled as a result of several health concerns she has been struggling with in the past few years. She revealed in 2018 that she was detected with Graves disease decades before, a disorder that leads to the thyroid being attacked by the immune system, but the ailment had gotten worse. Williams was compelled to take a break from her show two years later because she was allegedly quite exhausted back then.