What Does the New Stimulus Deal Mean For Unemployment Benefits?

Stimulus Deal
Stimulus Deal

A new stimulus deal could be significant for the working-class population who would find their federal programs for jobless aid expiring by the end of the year. Now, the major question that stands even now is- what could effectively replace this? Due to the pandemic, a high rate of unemployment has continuously affected the US Economy, which has made millions trying to survive.

What Are the Two Coronavirus Stimulus Deal still in Play?

Washington saw two different proposals being introduced the previous week- with each of them having a completely different support level for the unemployed workers. The first one was just a congressional plan worth $908 billion- one that prioritized and went for aid for people who found themselves without work. The second stimulus deal, on the other hand, was mostly a Republican initiative that simply focused on enabling most businesses to be above danger. It also enabled that by limiting the legal exposure a business faced when it came to lawsuits brought forth by the coronavirus. 

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the stimulus deal promising a lot more money seems to be getting all the traction. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have both mentioned that this proposal should verily form the base over which their entire argument stands. Interestingly, this plan of the Democrats has also garnered some support from the Republican side. 

On Friday, Nancy Pelosi mentioned that this stimulus deal would definitely be attached to the recent legislation on coronavirus relief. This would be then fixed to an omnibus bill that the government would fund. Since time has been of the essence for quite some time now, the omnibus bill has to pass in the next week- if one were to avoid a complete shutdown by the government.