Pittsburgh Steelers Fire Matt Canada: Fans Demand An Upgrade

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada was the target of fans ire who say that it it was high time that he was fired. Canada joined the Black and Gold as a QB coach in 2016. Canada became the offensive coordinator at Pittsburgh Steelers after Randy Fichter quit Steeler Nation. But his strategy left fans disappointed and wanting a lot more. One fan said that there just wasn’t any productivity as the team was averaging 10 – 13 points a game.

One Pittsburgh Steelers fan said that he was so put off that he switched off following the 1st quarter, calling it an anemic offense. But there are those who believe that Canada did not get a fair deal and that he was not allowed to perform to his potential.

Matt Canada Was Not Consistent Enough For Pittsburgh Steelers

One fan said that he should have been allowed to stay for a few more games. He was not given time to get used to the team many felt. But the turnaround never happened this year. The season dragged on and the progress fans expected never materialized.

Coach Tomlin had enough and the in-season firing was unprecedented but unavoidable, fans feel. He appeared to be out of options as Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) were near the bottom of the league in every offensive category as they prepare for an away game with Cincinnati this Sunday.

Eddie Faulkner, the Steelers’ running backs coach, is taking over the task of Canada. The play-calling task will go to Mike Sulivan, the quarterback coach. Fans say that it was high time for this upgrade and Pittsburgh Steelers can only go up from the position they are in at the moment. Pittsburgh Steelers remain in the 28th position both in points and yards. Tomlin has stressed that he would not think beyond the Sunday game at Cincinnati.