Poll: Biden leads Trump by 4 points in Florida

A new poll in Florida shows Biden leading Trump by 4 points. Mason-Dixon- the surveying company has found out that support for Biden is at 50%, while support for Trump is 46%. And the rest 4% resides as the margin of error. The RealClearPolitics average of Biden is 7% higher than that of Trump, while a Quinnipiac University survey finds it to be 13%.

Most of the surveys have put Biden at an advantage- close to 5-6% while the CNBC led survey puts it at 3%. Back in 2008, and 2012, Florida had gone for Obama. In 2016, Florida supported Trump over Clinton by 1%. The Mason-Dixon survey also found out that both Biden and Trump have close to 87% support from their respective parties.

Among Independents, Biden leads Trump by 9 points, and by 10 points among women. He also leads the Black votes by a whopping 82 points and 17 points amongst Hispanics. Amongst men, Trump edges Biden out by 2 points.

Biden is extremely favorable amongst people below the age of 35, where he leads by almost 40 points over Trump. Amongst people between the age of 35 and 49, he leads by 9 points. On the other side of the age spectrum, he leads 5 points amongst people in the age group of 50-64, and 9 points amongst people who are 65 and up.


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