Race for vaccine faces daunting distribution challenges

The development of a Coronavirus vaccine is not the only problem. The maladministration of the Trump government and not being able to lay down a proper logistic groundwork can only increase the problem. For even if the vaccine gets created, how is one supposed to transport it to the millions of people who need it?

The lack of efficiency in the Trump administration can lead to a delay in the production of the virus. And this means that even though there are a large number of people suffering from it, chances are they won’t be able to avail it- despite knowing that it works.

The Centre for American Progress brought out a thoroughly analyzed report which had all the details and specifications for the creation of vaccines, their distribution, and who got to avail the first doses. All depends on how steadily can the government create the vaccine and spread it throughout the country.

“A massive coordinated effort is needed and there is little evidence that the Trump administration is adequately preparing now,” the report stated.

While there is a need for closely 700 million syringes and needles, Trump administration has doled out $110 million for 320 million syringes.