Pope Francis Had Once Been Ready To Resign

pope francis

Pope Francis was elected as the pontiff back in 2013 and had prepared his resignation for his responsibilities in the past. As the medical issues have arisen, he has taken a back and is afraid of what might the future hold. Due to health concerns, he is shaken up a bit.

86 And Still Going Strong: Pope Francis

Pope Francis just turned 86 this year and has been holding it strong as it is. However, life usually takes drastic turns, and Pope Francis’s medical issues took a big chunk of his self-esteem. He had surgery last year and post-surgery he used a cane instead of a wheelchair. And met people. Pope has taken every step that in case his health doesn’t permit someone will be there before the system falls back. And previously he has given his resignation to Cardinal Bertone. Who also stepped down as a secretary of state in 2013 within the first month of Francis’s papacy.

And somewhere he still believes someone would run up to him and ask for that resignation paper, to fill in his shoes. Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope to resign from his position in 600 years. After him, Pope Francis was the first one to gain that position in south America. Just like benedict, the world shook after Pope Francis’s resignation. He has been suffering from knee pain that is keeping him unable to do everyday chores, and he replied back to the reporter that a pope governs with the head, not with a knee. The worthy candidate for that position is yet to be found.