Another Suez Canal Crisis

Suez Canal
Suez Canal

Another ship got stuck in the famous Suez Canal in Egypt. This is the third such incident in the year 2021. Previously, similar incidents caused a lot of inconveniences that had a huge effect on the entire shipping industry. It got stuck in the Egyptian canal for a total of six days. The ship that got stuck this time is “MV Coral Crystal.” It is one of the bulk carriers designed to carry things in bulk. It was coming from Panama before it got stuck in the Suez Canal. It was making its way to Port Sudan. 

Suez Canal- Issue

The bulk carrier got stuck after it went 34 miles within the area of the Suez Canal. This is the second ship after “Ever Given” which found itself in the same situation. Owing to this situation, the entire industry of shipping is trying its best to keep up with the demands in the absence of goods. And this has affected the entire market. Numerous businessmen, as well as consumers, are trying to cope with the disrupted supply chain as of now. It has been stated that the MV Coral only got stuck for a total of 15 minutes. And that it did not have any aftermath on the other convoys. 

The incident between Ever Given and the Suez Canal took place in the month of May. All of these incidents point only towards just one thing. And that is that the system in the Suez Canal has to be improvised. The concerned authorities are currently looking into the matters and bringing the necessary changes. After the incident of Ever Given, they have started working on widening and deepening the lane that lies in the southern section of the canal. The second lane of the canal is also getting extended.