Orlando Bloom ADMITS Sex Life With Katy Perry Is Lacking!
Orlando Bloom ADMITS Sex Life With Katy Perry Is Lacking!

Anniversaries can be high-pressure events, especially if you have been with your partner for a while. You have probably gifted them with a lot of things over the years, and ideas may start to run out. But the thing you should not do is to settle for a lousy gift. Whether you are doing last-minute shopping or getting a gift months in advance, quality should be a critical aspect. Get your partner something that can withstand the test of time, and this will pave the way for a healthy relationship. Here are some ideas: 


She probably loves flowers and will stop to smell roses as you hike up a hill. You are likely wondering how flowers can last a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get her a rose that would not wither after a few days of standing in the vase? Well, there are two ways to do this. On the one hand, you could get her a flower subscription such that she got a rose every day. On the other hand, you can buy her roses that never die to show how much you care. These roses, encased in gold, platinum, or silver, are everyday gifts. They keep giving long after you have gifted her with the present and are a show of your long-lasting love. 

A Wooden Card 

For the first few years, traditions state that the gifts should resemble the fickle state of the marriage. And in the first year, you are likely to get each other cards stating how much you care for each other. But here is the thing: paper is not a durable material, and it takes a lot of work to keep it in good condition. However, that is the state of most early marriages. By the fifth year, you have found your footing in the union and have created a foundation to take you through more years. And at this time, paper would not suffice. A wooden card is the way to go here. Get a custom-made wooden card where you can write down how you feel about your partner. It will serve as a constant reminder of your love and is a sure way to strengthen your relationship. 

A Leather Bracelet 

When people think of jewelry, they think about women for some reason. It could be that gifting jewelry often leans on the feminine side, and it has created somewhat a norm. But men also love jewelry, even though your man may not talk about what he wants all the time. Avoid getting shiny metals and jewel-adorned pieces as they may not work for him. Instead, go for a leather piece. First, it is durable, which is the whole point of presents that last a lifetime. Years to come, he will wrap the bracelet around his wrist and will think of how lucky he is to have you. Secondly, you can get a bracelet in a nude color that will not interfere with his style. Thirdly, you are free to customize the piece such that it relays the message you want to put across. You could have a tiny heart adorning the piece as a show of your love. 

A Wedding Clock 

Did you ever sing along to my grandfather’s clock? If you did, then you know how durable these gadgets can be. The clock lasted throughout this old man’s life, and so can the clock you get for your partner. The good thing is that a clock is now considered a suitable gift for the first anniversary. Be sure to add some personal elements to the clock, such as a message or date. Your partner will enjoy it as much as they would have enjoyed a card, or even more. And the next year, they can add the next gift to their collection, which will now grow every year.

Sometimes, presents do not have to be material. You can get your message across by planting a huge kiss on their cheek and letting them know how you feel. Of course, you have to back this up with a gift; you cannot get off that easily.