President Biden Cautions Democracy Is At Risk: Warns ‘Big-Lie’ By Republicans Endangering Democracy In The US

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President Biden used a prime-time speech to condemn voter intimidation and election-related violence days before the midterms. In an address on Wednesday night, he warned that democracy in America was at risk, imperiled by the lies of the Republicans.

Biden’s ardent condemnation of the action of Donald Trump, his forerunner, and other GOP members, was impassioned and hard-hitting. He warned that they were encouraging voter intimidation, political violence, and what he termed the “big lie.”

Biden warned that the elections next Tuesday would mark a pivotal trial for American democracy. The prime focus for both voters and candidates has been the economic situation facing the country, and President Biden has sought to emphasize his national speech on the system of the election and has put it on center stage.

Biden said that even as he spoke, contenders running for all levels of office including the Congress, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General, were refusing to accept the results of a constitutionally decided process.

President Biden Termed The Conspiracy Theories Unlawful And Un-American

He was speaking just blocks away from the Capitol where rioting mobs instigated by then-President Trump had torn through the Capitol, leading to the death of 6 people, and making America the laughingstock of the world.

This direct attempt at disrupting a smooth handover of power was a road to chaos, he said. He termed it unlawful, unprecedented, and un-American.

The president was particularly scathing over the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, when a hammer-wielding attacker, bent on harming the House Speaker, instead fractured his skull in his bedroom at 2 in the morning.

The assailant was repeating words used by conspiracy theorists. It was what instigated the rioting mobs and Biden traced it to Trump and his falsehood that the presidential elections were fake. This same line is used by almost every Republican candidate leading to the midterms.

President Biden pointed out that this lie had fueled political violence to a dangerous level and had led to voter intimidation for the past 2 years.

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