Obamacare Refuses To Die: Supreme Court Votes To Save The Affordable Care Act


The US Supreme Court has done it for the third time, saving the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, from repeated Conservative attacks. 31 million Americans heaved a sigh of relief. They were close to losing their private health insurance coverage if the health care law were to be judged unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court shredded opposition to the bill by a 7-2 decision giving a new lease of life to the law. The Republicans had termed the law an unacceptable intrusion by the government into the health choices made by Americans. But their real opposition was due to its author and the moniker, former President Barack Obama.

Democrats and Obama administrative officials celebrated Thursday’s ruling. The latter has time and again supported the law ever since it was passed more than a decade ago in 2010.

The Supreme Court is heavily skewed in favor of the conservatives with a 6-3 majority. But in a surprise decision, the Court ruled that the Republican challenge to the law had no legal basis.

Obamacare Victory A Relief For President Biden

The victory spared President Biden any further challenges on the health fund. He need not worry about restoring health care to millions. He praised the decision and said that it was a life-changing and groundbreaking law.

No, he did not repeat his comments from a decade ago, ‘It’s a big f—ing deal’. Instead, he can concentrate on improving on it through better subsidies and a potential public option.

 Republicans condemned the high costs but dwelled on the need to move on as the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare thrice.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that today’s decision was a landmark one against Republican assault to dismantle pre-existing conditions. She said that we can never forget how the Republicans adopted a monstrous way to destroy American healthcare in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said that the biggest challenge was both implementing Obamacare and defending it. That proved a challenge to making rapid progress on health care.

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