Conspiracy Theorist DePape Spoke To Paul Pelosi Of Taking “Them All Out” In Disturbing Revelation

Paul Pelosi

The attacker of Paul Pelosi was a hardcore conspiracy theorist along the lines of Donald Trump and has said that “we’ve got to take them all out.” It is a clear reference to the top Democratic Party leadership.

The assailant admitted to police that it was a suicide mission and he claimed to have the names of prominent people as his targets. DePape awoke Nancy Pelosi’s husband and continued to remain standing over him, all the while asking him about Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts.

DePape has told investigators that he was sickened by the lies and had broken into the Pelosi home to chat with Nancy. He said that it was not his plan to hurt anybody while at the same time stating that he could not stand there while doing nothing though it meant risking his life.

DePape has named multiple targets including prominent politicians and also their family members.

Brooke Jenkins, the San Francisco DA has confirmed that DePape had identified targets other than the House Speaker. It was incidental that he turned up first outside Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s house.

The DA said that the case was still quite fresh and declined to go into specific details about other potential targets.

DePape cooperated with the police during an extensive interview before he went for a lawyer, revealed the DA.

Court Reveals Disturbing Details About The Attack On Paul Pelosi

Chilling details have emerged from court documents detailing the encounter. The assailant awoke Paul Pelosi at 2 am and had a hammer and zip ties with him. He kept asking about Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts and then wanted to tie Paul Pelosi to prevent his escaping using the elevator.

At that point, Paul asked him the reason for searching for Nancy to which DePape replied that they all needed to be taken out. Paul managed to contact the police when DePape allowed him to use a bathroom. Paul Pelosi was hit even as the police had entered the room and were witness to DePape striking out with the hammer.

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