Mitch McConnell’s Deception: Will Fight To Block Biden From Filing Supreme Court Seat

mitch mcconnell
mitch mcconnell

Mitch McConnell has reiterated his opposition to President Biden’s bid to fill the Supreme Court vacancy set to arise in 2024 if the Republicans gained control of the chamber. The next presidential election is scheduled for the same year.

Speaking to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Mitch McConnell said that it is highly unlikely that either party would support confirming a Supreme Court nominee in a presidential year. He had done the same in 2016 when he blocked Merrick Garland from filling a seat vacated due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Mitch McConnell Given To Double Standards

While he denied Attorney General Garland even a hearing after his nomination, he promptly enthusiastically reversed the position during Trump’s last days in 2020 when Justice Ginsburg died a couple of months before polling day. The liberal Ginsburg was replaced by conservative Amy Coney Barrett, tipping the scale 6 to 3 in favor of the right.

He justified Barrett’s nomination saying that the Senate was the same party as the President, the reason he supported it. He was evasive when asked about his position if a vacancy arose in 2023 with Republicans in control of the senate.

He also justified keeping Scalia’s seat open till filled during Trump’s tenure by Neil Gorsuch, saying it was the high point in his time as the Senate majority leader.

A Hate Figure Among Progressives

Mitch McConnell’s antics have made him a hated figure among progressive. There were calls for Stephen Breyer, a liberal to step down from the court at a time the Democrats still controlled the Senate. Democratic Rep. Ocasio-Cortez also supported Beyer’s exit now.

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley warned that Mitch McConnell was on course to take away another liberal seat in the Supreme Court.

He also refused the senate to go for an independent and bipartisan commission to look into the January 6 insurrection to appease Trump.

And while President Biden sits with his NATO allies to guard against the erosion of democracy, back home McConnell undermines its very foundation.

He would be content with preserving his legacy as the person who turned the Supreme Court spectacularly partisan.