Jill Biden Will Be Accompanying The President On His Trip To Mexico City

Jill Biden

It has been announced that Jill Biden, the First Lady, will be accompanying President Joe Biden, on his trip that will take place the next week to Mexico City. Vanessa Valdivia, the press secretary to the First Lady, stated that Biden had a very independent, but substantive schedule that would be focused on the shared cultural connections and would also highlight her work towards empowering women and girls throughout the world.

This announcement does come ahead of the first visit of the POTUS as the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces to Mexico. During his trip, he would be discussing the issues of migration with the President of the country, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, along with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau- for the North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico City. 

Jill Biden Will Be The Audience At A NFL Flag Football Game

During the trip, the POTUS, along with Jill Biden, also has plans of visiting the southern border of the country on Sunday, where they would be stopping in El Paso, Texas while meeting up with the local officials and addressing some of the border security issues that had been plaguing the country. This will be his first stop at the border as the President of the country.

In recent times, El Paso had been seeing quite a record level of migrant arrivals that began just a few weeks ago. This was also the result of the anxiety about the scheduled end of the Trump-era pandemic public health rule which was referred to as Title 42- something that also prompted thousands of migrants to give themselves up to the border authorities. 

Jill Biden has already departed for Mexico City and met up with the President when he arrived after his visit to the border. One of the highlights of her visit includes joining local students at a Tochito NFL Flag football game.