Sheryl Lee Ralph Was Forced To Follow Misogynist Concept In The Industry

sheryl lee ralph

Sexual harassment in the industry is nothing new. It never stopped and perhaps never will. Many famous celebrities got sexually harassed by other famous actors or actresses, however, they opened up way later. Some victims were forced to stay quiet. It would have otherwise ruined the criminal’s reputation and career. 

The industry has proved to be more important rather than victims’ mental state and privacy. Sheryl Lee Ralph is no exception. She was harassed sexually when she first got into the industry. Even before figuring out anything she was asked to keep it hidden.

“Bad Press” Could Lead To Career Damage Hence Bear It Sheryl Lee Ralph

She was specifically asked by the crew to stay quiet about the harassment. Otherwise, it would make bad press and she will be doomed.  Sheryl Lee Ralph recently shared her traumatizing experience on the Way Up With Angela Yee podcast. She was grabbed by her harasser and he kissed her forced fully. The whole team was present there when this incident occurred. None of them said a word and afterward asked her not to go to the media.

Sheryl Lee Ralph is a gentle woman who knows how to play her card. She till today did not disclose the name of her harasser. She and the guy who harassed her were on the same network while working. Even after the incident she had to keep working. New Orleans mayor Marc Morial was on her side. He offered her help which could have led to destroying the image of her harasser. She was ready to do it. Someone from the crew asked her not to. The incident still triggers Sheryl Lee ralph to this day and will continue to do until she heals fully. While elaborating on what actually happened she got emotional.

She further encourages women to speak up for themselves no one else would do that for them. When she confronted that man, everyone questioned her audacity why did she bring that up even? Many labeled the situation “not so bad”.