Lisey’s Story Is Far From Being A Treat To The Eyes

Lisey's Story
Lisey's Story

The American horror drama mini-series, Lisey’s Story, premiered on the 4th of June. It airs on the streaming channel, Apple TV. The drama is based on a novel under the same name by the American author, Stephen King. It was launched in 2006.  It stars Julian Moore, who plays the role of Lisey,  Clive Owen who plays Scott Landon, Joan Alley who plays the role of Amanda Debusher, and Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays Darla Debusher.

Lisey’s Story Credit Goes To King

The series revolves around the topic of Catatonia, a state of immobility arising due to mental strain. Amanda Debusher, the sister of Lisey, has fallen victim to it. Her condition is so bad that it has proved to be impossible for the doctors to treat her. However, after having watched the eighth episode of Lisey’s Story, one comes to the realization that Amanda has actually been on a journey to a different world. And of course, this is something the readers are already aware of.

For the ones who have been a victim of the disease, it was not a very refreshing experience to watch the series. To them, it was almost like reliving it. It cannot be said that Lisey’s Story is a blessing to watch. The journey that the novel takes the readers into, is pretty good, but the same cannot be said about the series. It felt like a “slow torture.” 

Stephen King, who is also the brain behind Lisey’s Story, could have done better. And when it comes to the actors of the series, the role of Jennifer Jason Leigh as Darla Debusher is no different from her role in the movie, Dolores Claiborne, which is another work of King. She plays the woman who is exhausted from being the one to clean up the mess created by her family.  

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