Prince William Shares His Kids’ Breakfast Routine: Happy Morning And Massive Fight

Prince William

Prince William gave a recent insight into a slice of family life with Kate Middleton and their 3 kids. He spoke about how his kids love dancing around the breakfast table.

Prince William spoke candidly during his turn to speak on Time To Walk, Apple Fitness+ series, he walked down memory lane at Sandringham Estate, Norfolk.

Prince Williams spoke about how breakfast is the most intensely fun time for the three kids. George, 8, Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 3. On most mornings a missive fight breaks down between George and Charlotte over the choice of songs to be played at the breakfast table.

The current favorite for Charlotte and George is Waka Waka by Shakira. They love the hip movement in the song and dress up a lot. Charlotte also gets an opportunity to display the dancing skills that she picked up at ballet class.

Prince Williams Says That Breakfasts Are Spent Watching His Children Having Fun At The Table

Prince William says that it is Charlotte who runs around in her ballet gear and her dresses. She goes totally crazy as Louis follows Charlotte around imitating his sister.

Most mornings Williams has to prioritize who gets to play what. So on one day, someone gets to play a song and on another day it is someone else’s choice. So it is Charlotte one day, George gets to play his choice the next.

Williams says that it is just one happy moment when the children get to just revel in dancing, fooling around, and of course, singing.

Prince Williams and the royal family tied up with Apple Fitness+ and recorded an inspiring audio walk experience. The show features personal moments shared by famous people that will encourage others to walk.

Prince Williams contacted Apple to participate as he found their efforts to support mental wellbeing and health impressive. He walks through Norfolk’s Sandringham Estate owned by the Queen starting from Sandringham House with the walk finally concluding in Anmer.

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