The Stylist For Tina Turner Reveals That She Made And Stitched Her Wigs

Tina Turner
Tina Turner

Tina Turner had always been a gifted individual. Following the announcement of Turner’s passing on Wednesday, the media chatted with Wayne Lukas, Tina Turner’s tour stylist for years, who shared his insights about the Queen of Rock and Roll’s personality.

Fans of Tina Turner are aware of the contribution her extravagant hair made to the defining feature of her appearance, and according to Lukas, while she was on tour, her room would have at least fifty of her wigs hanging in a row. The finest aspect of Tina Turner’s wigs was the fact that she would make as well as sew them.

Tina Turner Was Very Particular Not Only About Her Wigs But Also Her Outfits And Their Fittings 

She said that no one did it properly. She’s the punk rock Betsy Ross, after all, Lukas exclusively tells the media. She used to stitch the wigs on the side of the bed, using a basic sewing kit, it was a wonderful time, Lukas recalled.

Or she would get them and add all of the beautiful extra, Lukas continues. She was one of the few stars where the hairdresser did not make those things. Tina Turner, he says, was the one who came up with that. She also used to be very specific with her fittings as well as understand specifically what she wanted, according to Lukas, who served as Turner’s tour stylist. “When you hemmed a garment, it had to reach exactly to the knuckle. She would be aware that you hemmed coats to the knuckle, Lukas continues. That she knew how tight the outfit should be for her to look good and comfortably move around as well. Concluding that he learned so much from her and that she brought out the best parts in him.

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