Princess Diana’s Statue Erected To Commemorate Her 60th Birthday

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

The two royals of Britain, Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, have come together for a special occasion. It is to honor Princess Diana, the late mother of the two. The brothers came together and unveiled the statue of their mother. The incident took place at the Kensington Palace that is the childhood home of the royal brothers. The statue of the late princess revealed her with their children by her side. This was to symbolize the efforts of the late Princess Diana towards supporting children all over the world.

Princess Diana’s Undying Legacy

The statue unveiling incident took place this Thursday. Following that, Harry and his brother, William, gave a joint statement. It was released the same day. The royal brothers stated that it was actually the 60th birthday of Princess Diana. They continued that they still have not forgotten the character, strength, and love that their late mother projected. And all these qualities were what made her the messenger of goodness in the world.

The brothers also stated that Princess Diana was successful in bringing about a change in the lives of so many people around the world. Prince Harry and Prince William stated that there is not a single day when the two do not miss their beloved mother. And the purpose of the statute was to remember the life that she lived and the legacy that she left.

This was the first time the two royal brothers were seen together since the month of May. They had gathered to attend the funeral of Prince Philip, their grandfather. The two greeted the members belonging to the family of Princess Diana. Others who were present were Charles, their uncle, and Baroness Fellowes, Jane Fellowes, and Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the sisters of the late beloved Princess.  

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