Meghan McCain Accuses The Media Of Being Sexist

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain, the American columnist, firmly warned the media to do a better job with the show that she was a part of, The View. “The View” is an American talk show that she co-hosted. She claimed that the coverage of the show was done in a manner that was patronizing towards the women. She claimed that they were extremely misogynistic and sexist.

Meghan McCain Quits “The View”

Meghan Mccain made the announcement that she would be longer a part of the gabfest that aired on the channel, ABC. The television personality spent about 4 years in the program. She had been the only one carrying a conservative opinion. And for that reason, she was often witnessed clashing with the majority of the people who belonged to the liberal school of thought. The author and the mother of one were often seen angering those viewers who were left-leaning. The announcement about her leaving the show was made this Thursday.

Meghan McCain has been through a lot of negativity throughout her career. She had been covered in an extremely negative manner by the media numerous times. She has also been a victim of criticism concerning so many subjects. They include her relationship with John McCain, her father, the choice of her hairstyle and her makeup, and the way she does her commentary.

The columnist claimed that there are so many places that the media needs to work on. She started her speech as her “final note.” Meghan McCain, the ex-host of “The View,” stressed the fact that the women in her line were viewed through the eyes of misogyny. She also claimed that if there were men carrying out the things that they did then they would not have faced the same kind of problems. She stated that they would probably have achieved the “Pulitzer Prize” until now.