Putin Once Told Trump In Half Jest That Israel Should Be Named After The Maverick Republican

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The political journalist has painted a sober and cool look at the cartoonishly chaotic nature of Trump at the White House and how his propensity for courting disaster kept his dozens of beleaguered staff on their toes. It was either his oafish antics or his petulant rage that kept Washington in a bout of indignation and forced the Russian President Vladimir Putin to once jokingly remark about his propensity to have places named after him.

Baker and his wife Susan Glasser’s book details the tumultuous years of the Trump presidency. It details the corruption, the culture wars, the demagogy, the palace intrigue, the public tweets, and the messing up of the war against the pandemic that finally led to 1.1 million deaths.

Speaking of the discord he sowed among the American Jewish community in their relationship with Israel, Baker said that creating such discord was part of Trump’s behavior, and it was consistent with his strategy.

Baker has detailed how Trump deliberately created a mess in the American relationship with Israel. He has detailed his fallout with Benjamin Netanyahu and how he maneuvered to achieve the Abraham Accords, his only foreign policy achievement.

Baker Has Revealed Trump’s Shocking Deference To Putin

Baker also recounts carefully and shockingly how Trump displayed appalling deference to Putin, especially at the Helsinki summit in 2018. There, Trump acknowledged at one point that for him Putin was more trustworthy than American intelligence agencies.

At one point, Trump had resoundingly said that Putin was not a killer and instead defended him by saying that not only was Putin OK, but the Americans were also killers too. It shows how Trump went out of his way to defend Vladimir Putin expansively, instead of just saying that the two nations just need to get along with him.