Donald Trump Escapes Rape Case For Now After Court Accepts He Qualifies As US Government Employee

Donald Trump

Donald Trump might get away with writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit thanks to the broad protections that federal employees and officials enjoy in America. But she still intends to file an isolated suit against the disgraced ex-president accusing him of rape.

The court has ruled that Donald Trump should be held as a federal employee. Carroll has said that he lied about raping her. The federal appeal court set aside the ruling by the judge that the Republican contender for the 2024 elections could be sued for defamation by Carroll after he denied raping her. But the court did not declare that Trump was immune from the lawsuit to be filed by the author.

The 2 to 1  verdict by the US Court of Appeals for the New York 2nd Circuit is part of a lawsuit in which Carroll had accused the former president of hurting her reputation for his denial that he attacked her in the dressing room of a departmental store in the 90s. He had also branded Carroll a liar.

Donald Trump Stands Accused Of Raping Carroll In The 90s

The court was faced with two questions. The first was whether the president was a federal government employee and also if he had acted in that capacity when he made disparaging comments about Carroll earlier.

The court ruled that Donald Trump could be considered a federal employee but did not address the second question and left it to the Washington court. The ruling thus could be considered a rebuff of the legal argument forwarded by Carroll. Alina Habba, Trump’s lawyer, termed it a victory.

Habba said that the court decision will shield future presidents and give them the ability to rule without hindrance. She stated that she was confident that the Appeals Court would find that Trump was within the purview of his employment when he repudiated Carroll’s allegation.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, expressed confidence that the Washington court would go along with the basic position held by her client that he wasn’t acting officially when he uttered the comments.