Queen Elizabeth’s Official Funeral Plan

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

The death ceremony of Queen Elizabeth 2, the monarch of the United Kingdom, has already been planned by the government. It includes a memorial service that will be accompanied by the country’s Prime Minister. The officials of the country have already prepared everything in order to deal with a series of crises that might take place in case the queen passes away. The most common problem includes overcrowding in London, the capital of England. All this information was derived from some documents. 

After Queen Elizabeth’s Demise

The name of the one that has been prepared by the officials of the United Kingdom in order to handle the problems that might occur in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth 2, is called the “Operation LONDON BRIDGE.” As per the plan, each and every detail of prediction of the scenes that might be taking place within the first few 10 days of the monarch, has already been stated. It is to be noted that the current age of the monarch is 95-years. And that she is in her perfect health as of now. This information was given on the 3rd of September, which fell on a Friday, to the sources.

The one thing that is continuously popping as a major problem that might take place during the funeral of the 95-years-old Queen Elizabeth, is the overcrowding of the capital city. Many people from different corners of the world may visit the capital city in order to pay their final tributes to their queen. And this would lead to a series of other problems like scarcity of policing, food accessibility, and public transport. And Operation LONDON BRIDGE is what has been planned in order to rid the country of the problem in case Queen Elizabeth is no more. According to the plan, the honoring of the queen is to take place at a cathedral called St. Paul’s.