R Kelly Undergoes Trial

R Kelly
R Kelly

R Kelly has reportedly started undergoing his trial. Kelly is a popular singer in the United States Of America. He has been plagued by several allegations for a long time. Kelly has been accused to have sexually assaulted and harassed several young women. He has also been found guilty of being involved in a sex racket. Apart from these, the singer is accused of some serious charges. Forced labor, Bribery, Exploitation of children, kidnapping, and sex traffic are some of the charges brought against Kelly. Trials have started and the singer is expected to serve a long tenure behind the bars. Kelly pleaded his innocence against all the charges. 

R Kelly Likely To Be Behind Bars For A Long Time

Kelly has been termed as a “predator” by Maria Melendez. This was not a good sign for the singer. The opening statement further elaborated on the charges upon Kelly. Kelly was accused to have misused his celebrity status. He used young men and women to satisfy his twisted sexual needs. 

Jerhonda Johnson Pace is the first woman to show her courage. She took a stand and brought the allegations against the singer. She accused Kelly to have engaged in a sexual relationship with her. Kelly was well aware of the fact that Pace was underage at that time. Later in 2019, Johnson got featured in a documentary film which was titled “Surviving R Kelly”. 

Nicole Blank Becker was the defense attorney for R Kelly. Becker stated that the allegations were a scam against the celebrity. All the accusations bought against Kelly were out of revenge. His lawyer suspected that the victims might have been in a relationship with the singer. When things did not work out, they were trying to defame Kelly. The trial of Kelly has already commenced. It remains to be seen which way the situation goes.